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Afagh Morrowatian (Tehran, 1984) is an Iranian-Dutch photographer, art director and art teacher based in Amsterdam. Her self-taught career started a few years after graduating in 2011 from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. As an artist, Morrowatian focuses mainly on social themes. Censorship, oppression, displacement and her bi-cultural background play a central role in her work.

Morrowatian exhibited her work SKIN in 2018 in Machinenhaus Essen (Germany), 2021 Hide & Seek in de Ainsi in Maastricht and in 2022 in Le Consortium in Dijon (France). Her work has appeared in The Persian Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Glam Cult and Oneworld, among others. Afagh Morrowatian has collaborated with Barbara Langendijk, Lisette Ros, Sevdaliza, Meral Polat, Tasha's World, Dance Company Rover and more.


Photographer: Robin De Puy